Hello and welcome! I’m Akino! I’m an animator and artist (2D).

I started animating in 2020 with animation memes, but after a while I focused more on making more original animations, so I switched to music videos that can fit my characters or characters from other franchises.

This website is dedicated as a “main hub” for my own social media platforms and works. It will be also dedicated to commissions and portfolio stuff.

Also I stream on Twitch videogames and I’m working on my gaming channel when I just want to talk about those (they are a nice hobby after all).

For reaching out, please check the links in this page! 😀

Site background from Omori by OMOCAT

My works:

I worked on different projects so please check them out!

Splatoon MF as Art Director, Video Editor, Voice Actor and Mixer
VS Akino Mod as Artist, Animator and Voice Actor